HAPPY Study: Teacher resource page

This page is the storage place for all of the resources you will need to implement the Peaceful Playgrounds program as part of your school’s involvement in the HAPPY study.

Teacher training webinar

Download the Active Kids Learn Better infographic

Playground Activity Leaders materials – Student leadership program

Download the Facilitator’s Guide for the Playground Activity Leaders program

Download the PAL Playbook – Student learning journal

Peaceful Playgrounds introductory units of work

Peaceful Playgrounds Implementation Unit Stage 3

Peaceful Playgrounds Implementation Unit Stage 2

Peaceful Playgrounds implementation unit – Stage 1

Peaceful Playgrounds implementation unit – Early Stage 1

Game ideas


Hit the bucket (cone)



Freeze out

Piggy in the middle

Multi-use circle games

Tic tac toe

Alphabet grid games

Number grid games

Ball hopscotch

Directionality grid

Treasure map activity challenge – Treasure map and activity cards

New game ideas

Rock, Paper, Scissors challenge
(like forcey’s back but RPS rather than kicking)

Rock, Paper, Scissors champs
(it’s game-on as teams try to win the most RPS games in a row)

Team version of Scramble
(played on multi-use squares)

Hourglass relay
(great warm-up activity using the multi-use squares)

Streets and alleys
(can be played on multi-use squares or coordinates grid)

Fruit salad
(can be played on chasing zones, multi-use square or multi-use circle – using smaller numbers of students)

Pass and score tag
(similar to stuck in the mud but with a ball and striking object)

Dinosaur prowl
(can be played on chasing zones or half soccer field)

Keeper of the castle
(can be played on multi-use circle or multi-use square or in the chasing zones)

Fitness tracks

Fitness track activity cards – set 1

Hula hoop activities

10 great hula hoop activities

Tips and tricks for running PE lessons

Tips and tricks for running PE lessons

RENEW framework

Do you have a question or query?

If you have any questions or concerns during the study about the implementation of the Peaceful Playgrounds program, please do not hesitate to contact us.