FundamentalMovementProgramOur Fundamental Movement Program supports you to create an outdoor motor learning space for children in your centre or school. An easy, do-it-yourself layout plan transforms your play space into a colourful arrangement of learning games and motor skills activities.

The Fundamental Movement Program Kit allows you to design a custom play space, with permanent, painted-on activities that create a fun learning environment and help make active play sessions and motor skills lessons more engaging for children.

What do you get in the Fundamental Movement Program kit?

Teacher resources

Perceptual Motor Development Guide

A fundamental movement skill development program for early childhood and lower primary teachers (Pre-school to Years 2).perceptual motor development guide

This teacher guide contains all of the ingredients of a uniquely designed perceptual motor development program for early childhood and lower primary school-age children. This skill-based guide was designed for quick reference and is filled with activities that kids love.

Teachers will appreciate the checklists and award certificates which aid in monitoring student progress in the areas of: Balance; Body and Space Awareness; Eye-Foot Coordination; Hand-Eye Coordination; Jumping and Sequencing, Loco-motor Movements; Social Skill Development; Small Motor Coordination; Total Body Coordination and Skill Development.

This complete package of Learning Objectives, Instructional Tips, Activities, Checklists and Award Certificates will add both fun and flair to your movement skills program.


Motor Skills Task Cards

The Fundamental Movement kit includes 120 Motor Skills task cards that can be used to set up movement stations on each of the painted markings – making teaching movement skills to groups of children much easier.

Staff Development Materials

A PowerPoint presentation is included with the Fundamental Movement program so that new staff members can be brought up-to-date on program components, teaching strategies, instructional tips, and the equipment needed.

 Physical Activity Exercise Cards

This set of 12 animal activity cards are designed for an aerobic fitness circle which motivates kids to get moving.

The fitness circle activities include: hopping, skipping, toe touches, etc. around hula hoops laid out on the ground. Music contributes to a fast paced fitness circuit kids love.

Parent Newsletters

Monthly parent newsletters designed to inform parents of the contribution motor skills makes to the overall development of the child.
Monthly topics include:

  • “We’ve Been Having Fun” a description of the skills taught during the month;
  • Fun games to practice at home
  • Suggestions for games parents can play with their child and
  • background information on each of the monthly themes.

 Playground marking design and installation kit

Fundamental Movement Blueprint for outdoor motor learning space

Unlike any other program, the Fundamental Movement Program offers unique markings that can be painted on the asphalt to encourage participation and enhance children’s movement skill development.

The Fundamental Movement Blueprint is designed for settings that teach early childhood to grade two students.

The Blueprint has suggestions for painting, placement, and recommended game markings for your asphalt playground layout.

Playground Stencil Sets

New roll out stencils make application a breeze. No measuring! Just roll out the full size activity stencils, chalk and paint. Two easy to apply sets to choose from. Brightly coloured markings enhance fundamental movement skill development and provide all of the activities you need for an outdoor motor learning lab.


A time saving solution to measuring out the games is our Roll Out Stencil Pack which includes roll out stencils for our most popular ma including: multi-use circle, four square, number line, hopscotch, target and ball hopscotch.

Fundamental Movement Set – contains 10 markings for Ladders, Balance Beams, Block Walk, Midline and Crossover Walking Grids, Beam, Hopscotch, Beanbag Toss, Alphabet and Number Grids.


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Optional: Equipment Companion Kit – $1599

A comprehensive set of playground equipment that will help you implement your Fundamental Movement Program.

This huge playground equipment pack contains all the equipment you’ll need to fully implement the Fundamental Movement Skills Program at your school.

Fundamental Movement Equipment Pack Contents:

10 Playground Balls (8.5in)
10 Playground Balls (5in)
24 Bean Bags
1 Bucket of Chalk (61 large pieces)
5 Scoop Ball Sets
1 Create a Beam
6 Dice
1 Parachute
24 9in Color Spots
12 Fleece Balls
12 Flying Discs
1 Ball Inflator
1 Ultimate Balance Board
24 Hoops
2 Kick/Soccer Balls
6 Boundary Cones
3 Sets of Ball needles (6pcs/pack)
1 Set of Hoop Holders (6pcs/pack)
6 Plastic Softballs
3 Ball Bags
5 Laundry Bags (18×24)
2 Poly Pucks (hopscotch marker sets)
12 Hand Poly Markers
12 Feet Poly Markers
2 Ring Toss Sets