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    Our Indoor games kit includes 6 different indoor games that can be played by small groups or individually and reinforce literacy and numeracy concepts while encouraging physical activity.

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Well designed Brain Breaks accomplish three purposes:

  1. they refresh students
  2. they refocus students for learning
  3. they re-energize students.

Every teacher has experienced the glazed look from students who basically need a break.  When kids get tired or bored, they tend to check out.  Once kids begin to check out, they are no longer learning!  Enter Brain Breaks.  Brain Breaks Themes capture attention and motivates students to re-engage.  A short physical break also stimulates the brain and gets it ready for learning.

2 Go Indoor Games Brain Breaks

The  2 Go Indoor Games Program Kit includes everything you need to create and implement an exciting indoor Peaceful Playground activity

in your classroom. The perfect solution for physical education, before and after school programs, rainy  day activities, and classroom brain breaks. 2 Go Games activities are highly motivating as kids think they are playing games, making learning fun. 2 Go Games are ideal for classroom stations and the table cards allow for 30 students to participate in each game. Integrated learning through movement activities introducing and enforcing academic concepts in a fun learning environment.

Physical activity and the brain research

Click the links below to access the latest research in Australia regarding links between physical activity and readiness to learn.

Brain boost: Sport and physical activity enhance children’s learning

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